Women's Organisations


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Armenia Center for Alternative Education and the Arts
23 Bagramian St., Suite 23
Yerevan, Armenia

Armenian Constitutional Right-Protection Centre
#1, Lane 3, Narekatsi Str.,
Vanadzor, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: 28 72 29

Association of Women with University Education
#33/41 Sayat-Nova St
Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: 52 25 42(h), 57 15 52(h), 62 22 55(h)
Consolidation of the efforts of women with higher education, of their intellectual and professional abilities to address republic's educational, environmental and economic problems and to participate in international cooperation for peace and security in the world.

Avangard Humanitarian Research Centre
3/2 Soghomon Taronsti, Apt.16,
Yerevan, Armenia
Tel:48 60 42, 53 40 11
Democracy and Human Rights especially women's rights.

Center for Gender Studies (Serain hetazotutjunneri kenrton Democratija Miutjun)
17 Nalbandian street, apt. 4
Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: +374 256 5680
Fax: +374 256 5680
E-mail: root@shahin.arminco.com
The centre was established as a project of the Democracy Union in Armenia. Its main aims are collecting information, conducting research on and making analyses of the position of women in Armenia, translating, and publishing and disseminating information. The centre runs a library on gender issues. The staff also organizes seminars and trainings. At present the centre doesn't have a visiting address. Languages: English, Russian, Armenian.

League of Armenian Women
5 Nalbandian St.
Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: 56 52 66, 22 81 90(h), 55 76 30(h), 28 16 52(h)
Provides aid to vulnerable layers of the population. Participates in the distribution of foreign aid in Armenia. Attends to orphans' education problems.

Union of the Protection of Women's, Children and Family Rights
21 Yerevan Kochar, #40 Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: 39 28 42
Working to ensure International Convention of Human Rights.

Women's Alliance
c/o UNICEF, Hrazdan Hotel
Pionerskaya 2
Yerevan, Armenia
F: 00873 150 4354

Women's Council
35 Moskovian, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: 53 45 06
Advocate for women's rights.

Youth Centre for Gender Research
1 Alex Manoogian
Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: 55 03 85

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