Women's Organisations


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Association des Femmes Burundaises pour la Paix Deputé ŕ l'Assemblé Nationale
P.O. 5721, Bujumbura
tel: +257-223-619
fax: 223-775

Association Des Femmes Chef De Familles
B.P. 2802

Association Pour La Promotion Economique De La Femme (APEF)
B.P. 5314
Tel: (257) 21 3375
Fax: (257) 213855

Association Pour La Promotion Economique De La Femme (APEF)
BP 2690 Bujumbura
Tel. 26.862
(Women, small enterprises, Credit, Savings)

CADIC (Collectif D'actions Pour Le Development Communautaire Et Industriel)
P.O. Box 386

Centre De Promotion Feminine (SOCCODEFI)
B.P. 3450

Collectif des associations du Burundi

Igaa Ishiraha Muse Rud Guteza Imbere Abakenuez
Bujumbura, Burundi
Tel: (257) 224 167
Fax: (257) 213 709

Ministere de la Promotion de la Femme
B.P. 2690
Bujumbura, Burundi
Tele 257-21-5179
Fax 00-257-21-6102
Objectives: Promote the integration of women in the socio cultural, political and economic spheres of the country; Ensure effective participation of women in economic development; Creation of a Women's Documentation Centre; Co-ordinating women associations.

Pain Pour Les Desherites
B.P. 6607
Tel: 1 407 726 5034
Fax: 1 407 726 5034

Swaa Burundi
Rosette Kankindi
Roheroi, H, AV. Etas-Unis
Tel: (257) 221 257
Fax: (257) 224 055

Union Des Femmes Burundaises
B.P. 2910
Bunjumbura, Burundi
Tel: (257) 22 66 70
Objectives: Sensitizating Women to understand their contribution to national development; Advocate for women to engage in politics - to vote and to be voted for and to participate fully; To integrate women concerns into multipartism.

Union Des Personnes Handicapees
AV. Bukerasazi B1K
Kinindo/Rohero I
Tel: (257) 271 351

Women For Peace - Burundi
Basilissa N'Dayiziga
INSS Quarter
Tel: (257) 223 331

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