Women's Organisations


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Fiji Women in Politics Program
G.P.O. Box 13740
Tel: 011 679 302 839

Fiji Women's Crisis Center
P.O. Box 12882, Suva
Tel: (679) 313-300
Fax: (679) 313-650
The main objective is to end violence against women and children through and community education and counselling.

Fiji Women's Rights Movement
P.O. Box 14194, Suva
Tel: (679) 313-156
Fax: (679) 313-033
This organization puts its emphasis in protecting and promoting the legal rights of women. FWRM has a good public awareness/education program. It seems itself as largely a lobby group achieving its goal through education.

National Council Of Women
Rm 07
2nd Floor
YWCA Bldg.
Suva Fiji
F: 315-429
The primary objective of the NCW it to cooordiante women NGO's in Fiji for contact on womens issues in Fiji.

National Council of Women in Fiji
PO Box 840, Suva.

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This information was last updated on October 28, 2003.