Women's Organisations


Association Gabonaise des Femmes d'Affaires (AGFA)
President de l'A.G.F.A.
B.P. 246
Tele: 74 20 224
Telex: 577260

Femmes Du Moyen-Ogouee
B.P. 20410
Tel: (241) 72-7723
Fax: (241) 730048

Ministere (D'Etat), De L'Education Nationale et de la Condition Feminine
(Ministry of State, Presidents Office, on National Education and Women Affairs
Ministere de Charge de la Condition Feminine
Presidents Office, B.P. 3953, Libreville,
Tele: 761777; 766925
Republic of Gabon
Objectives: To promote and encourage integration of women's issues into development; To implement general policy in conformity with government directives; Coordinate WID activities of government departments and NGOs.

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This information was last updated on October 28, 2003.