Women's Organisations


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Al Kutba Institute for Human Development
P.O. Box 9446
Amman, Jordan

Coordinating Office
P.O. Box 511811183
Amman, Jordan
Tel: 00962 6 82 52 412
Fax: 00962 6 82 73 50

Exploitation Of Women Arab WON Solidarity Association
P.O.Box 926775
Amman, Jordan

Federation Of Professional And Business Women
c/o Office of HM the Queen
The Royal Palace
Amman, Jordan
e-mail: bpwcamm@go.com.jo
Small business counseling, which offers business advice and financial support for women entrepreneurs, as well as a legal consultative service office for women and an information and documentation center for women's studies. The BPWC's pioneering programs, which respond to the personal and professional needs of working women from all works of life, include hot-lines, service centers for small businesses, free legal aid and personal counseling and technical training for women. The club's activities are not only restricted to women, as men actively participate in BPWC's programs and event, particularly in seminars, lectures and training courses.

General Federation of Jordanian Women
P.O. Box 9796, Jabel El-Hussain
Fax: +962-6-694-810

General Federation of Jordanian Women
P.O. Box 921687
Amman, Jordan
Tel: 00962 6 66 68 97
Fax: 00962 6 69 48 10
e-mail: nicw@gfjw.index.com.jo
A national non-governmental organization of women's associations and societies to enhance the political, economic and social status of women in Jordan. The Federation's membership includes over 80 societies, committees and headquarters in each of the 12 governorates, mobilizes women's efforts to play an effective role in political decision-making. It offers educational opportunities and guidance in family welfare and health, advocates legislative reform favoring women and initiates income-generating activities in collaboration with other non-governmental organizations, including the Noor Al Hussein Foundation. The GFJW recently established a National Information Center for Women, which is the first of its kind in Jordan and the Arab world, and comprises a research unit, a comprehensive interactive library with audio-visual aids and access to the Internet, as well as a consultation and information department. The latter will provide researchers, planners and women with information on national, regional and international organizations concerned with women's affairs.

Human Rights Forum for Women's Rights
PO Box 921687
Amman, Jordan
Telefax: 859873

Jordanian National Committee for Women
P.O. Box 5118
Amman 11183, Jordan
Tel: 962-6-825241
Fax: 962-6-827350
Email: asma@nol.com.jo

Jordanian Women's Union
PO Box 960723
Amman, Jordan
Fax: 96-2-66-87-061

Princess Basma Women's Resource Centre (PBWRC)
P.O. Box 230511
11123 Amman
Tel: +962 6 505 2431
Fax: +962 6 505 8199
E-mail: pbwrc@amra.nic.gov.jo
URL: http://www.nic.gov.jo/jmaw
The PBWRC was established after the Beijing conference on women, to act as a support mechanism for women's groups, linking grassroots and policy making bodies. The PBWRC, with 9 employees, is currently compiling a database on research related to Jordanian women. It conducts trainings in gender and development as well as workshops and seminars. The centre is also writing a national research agenda on women's issues and oversees a national information network. It publishes various studies and specialized research reports.

Sisterhood Is Global Institute - Jordan (SIGI/J)
5 Nadim Al-Mallah Street
Jebel El-Lweibdeh
Amman, Jordan
Tel/Fax: 962-6-462-3773
Email: sigi@firstnet.com.jo
URL: http://www.sigi.org/Programs/KPP/kppjordn.htm

UNIFEM Western Asia Regional Office: Umbrella Organisation.
PO Box 830 896
11183, Amman, Jordan
Tel: 962 6 619727/8
Fax: 962 6 610944
Email: unifem@nets.com.jo

Women's Department
Ministry Of Social Development And Labor
P.O. Box 8160
Amman, Jordan

Working Women's Club
c/o Office of HM the Queen
The Royal Palace
Amman, Jordan

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