Women's Organisations


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Aksai 4, 75-27
480127 Almaty
Tel: (3272) 24-21-61
Fax: (3272) 63-12-07
Flamingo is involved with charitable activities, crafts, and commerce in the arts. This international organization seeks contacts with women's NGOs and organizations that support creative cultural work, and would like to cooperate in an exchange of exhibitions between the U.S. and Kazakstan.

Kazakstan Association of Women Invalids with Children
ul. Baizakov 109/116
Tel: 53-61-82

Kustanai Branch of the Association of Businesswomen of Kazakstan
ul. Byokovskogo 9
Kustanai, Kazakstan
Tel: (31422) 25-14-26

West Kazakstan Oblast Society for the Support of Women's Initiatives
Building 5, #6
Micro-District 4
Uralsk, Kazakstan
Tel: (31122) 7-22-14; 4-74-83

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