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NO 85, JALAN 21/1
Tel # 03 7877 4221
Telenita Helpline : 03 7877 0224
Fax# 03 78743312
Email: awam@po.jaring.my

Asian-Pacific Resources and Research Centre for Women (ARROW)
Ground Floor, Block G,
Anjung Felda, Jalan Maktab,
54000 Kuala Lumpur,
Mailing Address: P O Box 163, Gombak,
53700 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: (60-3) 2692 9913
Fax: (60-3) 2692 9958
E-mail: arrow@arrow.po.my
The Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW) was established in January 1993 as a regional non-governmental non-profit women's organisation based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ARROW's goal is for women in Asia and the Pacific to be better able to define and control their lives, particularly in the area of women's health and women's rights. Since 1993, ARROW has been able to make significant progress towards their goal through the provision of practical information, resources and research findings on women and development in the Asian-Pacific region. ARROW remains committed to its Women and Health Programme focus of strengthening initiatives to re-orient health, population, and reproductive health policies and programmes with women's and gender perspectives and at the same time, strengthening women NGO's capacity to influence relevant organisations, both governmental and non-governmental. This programme focus has been further tailored to strategically cover key areas of the recommendations from both the Cairo and Beijing Conferences. The four key areas are: * Women's right to comprehensive, accessible, affordable and quality health services throughout their lives recognised and implemented in the health care system; * Sexual and reproductive health and rights approach included in health policies and programmes rather than a narrow maternal health and family planning focus with demographic objectives; * Women-centred and gender sensitive approach addressing the effects of gender inequality on women's health status and the need for women's perspectives and experiences to be included in health policies and programmes; * Violence against women recognised as an important women's health concern.

Gender and Development Programme.
Non-Government Advisory Body
Pesiaran Duta, P.O.Box 12224
55770 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 651-5470
Fax: (603) 651-9209
E-mail: gad@pc.jaring.my

Murni Women's Development Foundation of Kelantan (YAYASAN MURNI)
Society rn. 1723
Address: Lot 2992, Tingkat 1,
Batu 2, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa,
15400, Kota Bharu,
Kelantan, Malaysia.
Phone: +609 7742555
Fax: +609 7742550
Email: yayasan_murni@yahoo.com
Web page: http:/www.newwomen.net/networkingwomen/yayasanmurni
Objective: (1) To provide assitance to women in need paying special emphasis to socially underprivileged women, single mothers, widows and victims of violence and their family members. The assistance provided includes legal guidance, counselling, vocational training, knowledge building, religious guidance and economic development (2) To Collect Data, Conduct Research and To Become A Resource Centre for Issues Related To Women's Problem in the Local Area (3) To Increase Awareness Among The Publics about Problems Related to Women and To Atrract More members of The Public and Professional Groups To Participate in NGO Activities (4) To Work With Govermental Departments To Ensure A Fair, Justice and Appropriate Law and Schemes for Women Whether at Work or at home

National Advisory Council on the Inter-Action of Women in Development.
Prime Minister's Department, Jalan Dato Onn,
Kuala Lumpur.

National Clearinghouse On Women In Development (NCWS)
c/o National Population and Family Development Board, Prime Minister's Department
P.O. Box 10416
50712 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 2937555 ext. 304/325
The aim of this Clearinghouse is to further enhance awareness on the role and need of women in the overall development process. The objectives are to assist in promotion of awareness of women's concerns and their role in national development, to ensure future participation in development processes and to provide a resource base in support of national programs by encouraging the participation of women in development.

National Council of Women's Organizations, Malaysia (NCWO)
157 Jalan Tun Rasak 50400
Kuala Lumpar
Tel: 292 8696/298 9251
Fax: 298 9251
NCWO is the main Women's NGO Consultative Coordinating Council and has 61 Affiliates the portfolios of which cover the social, political, economic, religious, professional and trade union sectors but is by and by its constitution non-racial, non-religious, non-political.

Sabah Women's Action Society (SAWO)

Sarawak Federation of Women's Institutes (SFWI)
P.O. Box 724, 93714 Kuching Sarawak
Tel: 032-244015/417294
The purpose of SFWI is to improve and upgrade the living standards of women in rural areas. To provide opportunties for members to carry out activities related to education, social and health. It is also to foster better understanding among women and help them to play their role in national development.

Secretariat For Women's Affairs (HAWA)
The Administration and Finance Division
Prime Minister's Department
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2485125/03-2435980
The objectives of organization are to promote the participation of women in the development process and to ensure that national development plans take into consideration the integration of women through the provision of equal opportunities and adequate facilities.

Sisters in Islam
c/o No. 172 Lorong Ma'arof
Kuala Lumpur 59000
Tel: 60 3 255 0648
Fax: 60 3 254 3172

11th Floor, Wisma Yakin
50100 Kuala Lumpur
(603) 291-3691
fax (603) 291-3681
e-mail: mindcaram@hotmail.com

Third World Network
228 Macalister Road, 10400 Penang.
Tel: + 604 2293511, 2293612 or + 604 2298106
E-mail: twn@igc.apc.org

Women's Aid Organisation (WAO)
P. O. Box 493, Jalan Sultan
46760 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: (60-3) 7956-3488
Fax: (60-3) 7956-3237
E-mail: wao@po.jaring.my
Website: http://www.wao.org.my
WAO is a non-profit, non-religious, non-governmental organisation that believes that no one deserves to be battered. We believe that all human beings have the right to self-determination and should have control over the conditions that shape their lives. WAO provides shelter and counselling to women in crisis, and advocates for reform in laws and policies that discriminate against women.

Women's Crisis Centre (WCC)
24-D Jalan Jones
10250 Penang
Tel: 604-2280342
Fax: 604-2285784
e-mail: wccpen@po.jaring.my
website: www.wccpen.org

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