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Centro Documentacion sobre la Mujer (Cendoc Mujer)
(Women's Information and Documentation Centre)
Av. La Mar 170
Lima, Peru
Tel: +51 242 9206 or +51 447 9376
Fax: +51 446 6332
E-mail: postmaster@lechuza.org.pe
URL: http://ekeko.rcp.net.pe/CENDOC-MUJER/preindex.htm
Cendoc Mujer was established through the efforts of three women's organizations in 1979. In 1984 it recieved an official status as a cultural non-profit organization and in 1985 secured funding and began its activities. The general objective of Cendoc-Mujer is to contribute to the equality between the genders and to facilitate changes in Peruvian society. Cendoc-Mujer distributes information on women and gender. Its main focuses are political and cultural influences, library science, research, education, and institutional development. Cendoc-Mujer maintains three databases with bibliographical information in Spanish and English. A CD-ROM is also on its way. Language: Spanish.

Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristan
(Flora Tristan Peruvian Women's Center)
Parque Hernan Velarde 42
Lima 1
Tel: 4332765.
E-mail: diana@flora.org.pe

CHIRAPAQ Centre of Indian Cultures
Horacio Urteaga 534
Oficina 203
11 Lima
Tel:+51 1 423 2757
Fax:+51 1 423 2757
The Centre was founded by a group of people wishing to go back to their roots and retrieve and express their culture in the fields of art, science, traditional medicine, and religion. Since its inception, the centre has inspired a continous process of consciousness raising relating to indigenous culture and indigenous culture and indigenous people's identity. The centre is actively involved in the struggle for equal rights, promoting indigenous cultural values, eliminating illiteracy among indigenous women and supporting indigenous organization. The centre functions as a platform for indigenous women of the Andes and Amazone, has a program for elementry food relief for the extreme poor and organizes discussions on and expositions of the culture of the original people of the Andes and the Amazone.

Latin American Committee for Defense of Women's Rights(CLADEM)
PO Box 11-0470,
Lima, Peru.

National Women's Council of Peru
Francia 706, Miralores, Lima 6.

Peru Mujer
Apartado 11-02-06
Lima 11

Women's Documentation Centre
Av. La. Mar 170
Lima 18

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