Women's Organisations


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Foundation for the Support of Women's Work
Sengul Akcar
Galipdede Cad 149/4
Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: 0090 212

Gender and Women's Studies Graduate Program
Middle East Technical University
Orta DoguTeknik Universitesi
06531 Ankara
Tel/Fax: 90-312-210-3019

Kadin Dayanisma Vakfi (Women's Solidarity Foundation)
Hisarparki Cad. Firuzaga Sok. No:9/3-4
06240 Ulus, Ankara
Tel: 90-312-310-0670 or 90-312-309-0484

Kadin Eserleri Kütüphanesi ve Bilgi Merkezi Vakfi
(Women's Library and Information Centre Foundation)
Fener Mahallesi, Fener Vapur Iskelesi Karsisi, Fener-Haliç
34220 Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 534 9550
Fax: +90 212 523 7408
This first and only women's library and information centre in Turkey was established in 1990. Its purpose is to collect, preserve and present information about women's history and present situation. Its main clients are researchers, women's organizations and activists and the media. The library and information centre is run by 5 staff members and several volunteers. The periodicals section consists of about 40 complete sets of Ottoman periodicals on topics relating to women, published between 1867 and 1928. Languages: Turkish, English, French, German.

Kadinin Insan Haklari Projesi (KIHP)
Women for Women's Human Rights (WWHR)
Inonu Cad. Saadet Apt. No: 37/6
Gumussuyu 80090, Istanbul - Turkey
Tel: (90) 212 251 00 29
Tel/Fax: (90) 212 251 00 65
e-mail: wwhrist@superonline.com
Web Site: http://www.wwhr.org
We are an autonomous women's organization aiming to provide women and women's organizations with tools and strategies to confront structures of inequality and the effects of marginalization. We aim to do this through, action research, documentation and dissemination of materials, legal literacy groups and advocacy and lobbying.

Fax:+ 90 312 3639041
E-Mail: kaosgl@ilga.org or kaosgl@geocities.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/kaosgl/
An independent organization of gay and lesbian people in Turkey

Lambda Istanbul
Mailing Address:MBE 222, 80800 Istanbul
E- mail : lambda@lambdaistanbul.org
URL: http://www.lambdaistanbul.org/
The organization of gay, lesbian, transvestite and transexual people in Turkey

Mor Cati Kadin Siginagi Vakfi (Purple Roof Women's Shelter and Foundation)
Mor Çatı Kadın Sığınağı Vakfı
Mor Cati Kadin Siginagi Vakfi (Purple Roof Women's Shelter Foundation)
Katip Mustafa Celebi Mah. Anadolu Sok. No:23 D:7-8 Beyoglu Istanbul TURKEY
Phone : (212) 292 52 31-32
Fax : (212) 292 52 33
e - mail : morcati@ttnet.net.tr
web site : http://www.morcati.org/

National Council of Turkish Women
Karol Sevenic
K_tip Celebi Sok #5/406680
Ankara, Turkey
T: 0090 4 426 26 21
F: 0090 4 223 07 80

Address: Abdullah Sok. No:9 Beyoglu
Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: 90 212 292 0739
E-Mail: pazartesidergi@superonline.com
A feminist newspaper for women

Research and Implementation Center for the Employment of Women
University of Marmara
Marmara Universitesi, Bahcelievler Kampusu

Research and Implementation Center on the Problems of Women (KASAUM)
University of Ankara
Ankara Universitesi, Iletisim Fakultesi

Sappho'nun Kizlari
(Sappho's Daughters)
Mailing address: Ali Özba_ (SK), PK 53 Cebeci / Ankara/ Turkey
E- Mail address: sapphonunkizlari@hotmail.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Chelsea/9070/
Lesbian and feminist women of Turkey

Ucan Supurge (Flying Broom)
Bestekar Sok. 80/6
06700 Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 90-312-427-0020 or 90-312-426-9567
Fax: 90-312-426-9712
E-mail: ucan.supurge@service.raksnet.com.tr
URL: http://www.raksnet.com.tr/ucansupurge/

Willows Foundation
Setustu Sok. No.9-1 Pembe Villa D.2
Anadolu Hisari 34811 Istanbul
Tel: (216) 332 3862
Fax: (216) 308 4008
E-Mail: willows@willowsfound.org
URL: www.willowsfound.org
An NGO implementing Reproductive Rights and Health Program in Turkey since 1998 to ensure that women in Turkey are aware of their reproductive rights, have access to most recent and accurate information about their rights and could realize those rights through high quality services.

Women for Women's Human Rights/New Ways
Address: Inonu Cad. No: 37/6 Saadet apt. Gumussuyu
80090 Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (90) 212-251 0029
Fax: (90) 212-251 0065
Email: wwhrist@superonline.com

Women's Library and Information Centre
Fener Mah
Fener P.T.T. yam (tarihi bina)
Halic, 34220 Istanbul,
Tel: 1 523 74 08.
Collects Information and organises research and conferences for women.

Women's Research and Education Center
University of Istanbul, Bozdogan Kemeri Cad.1
Ogrenci Kultur Merkezi, Vezneciler

Women's Research and Implementation Center
University of Cukurova
Cukurova Universitesi
Fen Edebiyat Fakultesi, Kimya Bolum Baskanligi
Balcali, Adana

Women's Studies Association
Necla Arat
Kuskonmaz Sok. 5/8 Yesilyurt
Istanbul, Turkey
Tel and Fax: 0090 212 511 98 26

İstanbul Barosu Kadın Hakları Uygulama Merkezi
( istanbul Bar Association Women's Rights Enforcement Center)
Address : Orhan Tali Apaydın sk. Baro Han, İstanbul
Tel.: (*90) 212 292 77 39
e-mail : ihm@istanbulbarosu.org.tr
This is an organization founded to enforce womens rights and operates as a councelling center and participates at hearings on behalf of women who arenot able to a affort such services on their own.

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